The Lazin Animal FOUNDation, Inc. is a private non-operating foundation, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Foundation strives to lead the way in creating and funding innovative projects that promote life-saving measures and best practices to increase “live release rates” within the companion animal rescue community.

The FOUNDation’s mission is specifically dedicated to preventing the abuse, neglect, suffering, and euthanasia of treatable and adoptable homeless dogs and cats. Lazin Animal FOUNDation accomplishes this mission through certain grant-making and advocacy activities that provide shelters with ‘best practices’ and game-changing protocols, along with new and improved tools for veterinary and medical healthcare, behavioral rehabilitation, enrichment, and other life-saving measures.

The FOUNDation’s focus is upon helping companion animals that are:

• in imminent danger of being euthanized;
• in need of veterinary, surgical, post-operative, or hospice care;
• living in abusive, neglectful, or inhumane circumstances;
• deprived of enrichment — food, exercise, play, and affection on a daily basis;
• in need of behavioral rehabilitation or therapy in order to be considered adoptable; and
• who are abandoned, homeless, and in need of loving owners able to provide safe, forever homes.

Lazin Animal FOUNDation Targets Long-Term, Sustainable Change

One goal of the Lazin Animal FOUNDation is to invest in projects that exemplify sound business decisions and will benefit the maximum number of animals that can be helped by a single grant. Sometimes, this means that grants will not be available to help in isolated cases of one-time need.

However, the FOUNDation will consider investing in those programs that are innovative, and will inspire broad-scale, transformational, and systemic change throughout the sheltering system. Sustainability of projects is a another critical criteria for grant-making, since the Board’s focus is to launch long-term solutions that can continue to save animals year after year and be replicated by other shelters across the country.