Lazin Animal Foundation

Our Final Years

The Lazin Animal Foundation has established a provisional sunset period during which time we believe we can have a stronger impact on the challenges facing homeless dogs by concentrating the full strength of our resources on focused priorities. Rather than distribute the traditional five percent or more each year, the Foundation intends to spend out its entire corpus within the provisional timeframe. Regardless of when we close our business, if we invest in the right activities, our best parts will absorbed and used for years to come in the blood and bones of where we have worked. We will have a perpetual contribution.

We will drive our Founder’s vision and mission, while we aim to build the capacity of grantees to aid sustainability and longer-term impact on the lives of homeless dogs and the reputation and legacy of the Foundation. The sunset period is expected to focus the Board of Directors’ efforts on allocating resources today that will have a lasting impact long after the Foundation closes. As we draw near the end, grantees that typically receive annual funding, or funding for pilot projects and programs, should prepare for the discontinuation of funding from the Foundation.