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Our Impact for the Underdog


At just one year old, Troy had been living in an open-admission shelter as a stray, became a super happy dude when he got adopted, and eventually found himself back in harm’s way at the shelter when his family relinquished him for testing heartworm positive.

Troy is getting lots of love these days along with his medical treatment and is expected to find his true forever home sometime soon.


Avery was a three-year-old Pittie mix that was transferred from one shelter partner to another who frequently exchanges long-stay dogs to offer them another avenue to be adopted. They frequently exchange long-stay dogs with to give them another venue to be adopted. Avery gave the new shelter an opportunity to learn more about her through playgroups. She was a high energy dog, she loved playtime, and was used as an accessory for new dogs. What she preferred though was tug and ball play. Having some time to work with her in this capacity helped her build confidence and self-control. Avery was adopted into a loving home with plenty of tennis balls.

Hot Lips

Hot Lips was six months old when dumped at an open- admission shelter in a large green bucket, unable to walk. She received intensive care for Parvo, which caused extreme abdominal pain, a lack of interest n food and activity, and lameness.

By seven months old, Hot Lips was a healthy and active German Shepherd puppy excited to go to her forever home on adoption day.


10-year-old Shar-Pei Blanche was rescued from an open-admission shelter when a plea went out to help this senior sweetheart suffering from a large mammary mass, broken and rotten teeth, and arthritis. Blanche’s medical treatment included a lumpectomy, dental care, and of course a sprinkle of love. Blanche recovered well in her foster home and was eventually adopted by her new dad and hero.


Savina, a 1.5-year-old sweet pitbull mix found herself on the euthanasia list at an open-admission shelter due to a severe foot injury and tetanus.

With proper care, time and a lot of love, Savina survived and is loving life with a full pack in her new forever home.


Pete was found as a stray and ended up at an open-admission shelter. He was matted, scared and in need of medical treatment. He had two infected Perianal fistulas which required surgery. Pete healed well and was adopted five months later. He is a happy, well-mannered boy who loves having a twin brother and does his best at doing the dishes, bringing his mom his bowl whenever he is finished.


Still on her road to recovery, precious Dolly, approximately six years old, found herself not only homeless, but dying at an open-admission shelter. When rescued, Dolly was found to have a severe intestinal obstruction, which turned out to be a corn cob.

Three surgeries and lot of hugs later, Dolly is building her strength, gaining weight, and counting the days until she meets her forever family.


At just eight weeks old, Bubbles the Chihuahua was in danger of euthanasia without a medical outlet due to a congenital heart defect. Bubbles had to be brave and endure heart surgery, which thankfully was a complete success. Her foster mama fell in love and Bubbles is safe and spoiled in her forever home.


It was an unseasonably hot spring when Sunny, a Pitbull with open sores and emaciated, was found tied to a fence outside a food bank.

After a lengthy hospitalization and ongoing treatment for skin sensitivities, Sunny is a happy, healthy and grateful young gent who loves his new dad.


Dumped in the desert at 10 years old after having multiple litters of puppies and not receiving medical care, Winter was in big trouble. Thankfully, this sweet soul was rescued and began a healing journey that lead her to know the life of a loved and spoiled pup. Today, Winter is enjoying retirement in her forever home.


In danger of being euthanized for his injuries, Bucky, a middle-aged lab found himself at an open-admission shelter as a stray who had been attacked by another animal.

After a few months of treatment and time to rest, a fully healed and handsome- as-ever Bucky, is loving life with his new family.


At only a year of age, Jager found himself as a stray in pretty bad shape (eyes, teeth, wounds on his legs) at an open-admission shelter where they were talking about euthanasia. He was released to a medical foster due to the largely infected areas on his legs. It appears he got some type of a skin condition/infection and without treatment, just continued to lick and lick until he caused quite a bit of skin damage. After several rounds of antibiotics, his legs finally healed. We will never know what caused this condition and why he wasn’t treated. But most importantly, today Jager is healthy and happy in his new home.


Just over a year old, Tommy found himself with splayed feet and suspected mange in danger of euthanasia at an open-admission shelter.

Rescued and taken to a medical outlet, Tommy has recovered with consistent treatment for a curable skin condition. Today, Tommy is a happy and loved boy enjoying life with his furry brothers and sisters.


At just 14 weeks old, little miss Daisy found herself in danger of euthanasia because she was throwing up blood at the open-admission shelter. Rescued and taken to a medical outlet quickly, it turned out Daisy just ate something she shouldn’t have. A little time and patience was all this little girl needed and today she is loving hugs and growing like a weed with her forever mom.

Sunni Moxie

We may never know what four-year-old poodle, Sunni Moxie lived through before she found herself at an open-admission shelter with her hind legs traumatically amputated, and skin and coat very neglected.

But with gentle hands and proper medical care, this little princess is recovering nicely and will soon melt the hearts of many as she looks for her forever home.


A stray pit bull/cattle dog mix, Chorizo, lived more than half of his short life of three years in an open admission shelter. Found with a large mass on his side, underweight and quickly deteriorating, Chorizo needed an outlet. After surgery to remove the mass which was benign and treatment of some skin conditions, Chorizo is enjoying bed rest in his foster home. He is well on his path of healing and will soon be ready for his forever home.


Three-year-old Waylon was found by good Samaritans dragging himself on a hot dirt road after likely being hit by a car and abandoned. We have no idea how long Waylon suffered alone, but he had been left for too long and his severed spine had already healed making it impossible to repair and regain use of his hind legs.

Waylon will never walk on his own again, but he has proven he does not give up easily. With proper care, good eating and a new set of fancy wheels, Waylon is thriving and will soon meet his forever family.


Nutella arrived at the shelter emaciated with lots of scars along her face and body. She was very leash and barrier reactive to other dogs. When she was initially brought to playgroups it was a flop, and she continued to be reactive to other dogs. She was such a handful that when experts arrived for a seminar, they chose her to be a demo dog. She was fitted with a gentle leader and went through lots of training practice with staff and volunteers. She continued to thrive with these protocols and worked so well that she became the dog that many volunteers learned handling techniques and kennel routines from. Her manners and excellent response to the training caught the eyes of a wonderful family, and they felt they had to make her a part of their family. We continue to get updates of her success to today.


Rooster, a four-year old Boxer was at-risk of euthanasia at an open-admission shelter for extreme anemia.

With proper medical care, he’s back to normal weight, has his perfect color back, has no more anemia and has found his happily-ever-after; he’s been adopted!


Eggnog was around seven months old when he came to a shelter as a stray. He was so barrier reactive in his kennel with both people and dogs that he wasn’t able to be taken out of the kennel during his stray hold. Eggnog’s behavior appeared to be fear-based. He was afraid of everything and did not seem to have been at all socialized with people or dogs but showed an interest in both. After his stray hold, staff and volunteers worked on a routine to get him out of the kennel and into playgroups. His behavior improved and over time getting him out of the kennel became easier and he learned the kennel routine. Eggnog was with the shelter for seven months and grew to love the playgroups, gained trust for people, and became comfortable with the other dogs. He learned sit, down and walked so well on a leash that he was able to participate in public pack walks. Eggnog was adopted and knows home and love just as he should.


As a 13-week-old puppy, Skipper was found as a stray and made his way to an open- admission shelter with a broken leg, jaw and shoulder injury. After waiting too long for medical help, there was no chance to save his back leg and amputation was the best choice to alleviate his pain and offer him a good quality of life.

Skipper also spent two weeks in a soft muzzle to help his jaw fracture heal. It was an awful lot for this young life to endure, but today, Skipper is receiving tons of cuddles and treats in his new forever home.


Anuk had been in and out of the shelter a couple of times, and before his first stay he was living in an unheated trailer in January in Maine. When Anuk initially arrived at the shelter, he was a pretty unhappy dog. He was defensively aggressive and, at almost 100 lbs, a risk to the staff who handled him. Anuk stayed for months in an isolation wing, and though he became less reactive to staff, experts did not consider him adoptable. It was a bit of an act of desperation when they decided to try him in the playgroup training. They put him out in the play yard with a playful female and were surprised to find that his social skills were great and that his play style was quite gentle. Once Anuk started to participate in daily playgroups, he was truly a changed dog. Volunteers suddenly felt completely comfortable moving him in and out of the kennels and his behavior inside his kennel shifted dramatically. The dog that had been lunging and snarling at anyone that passed instead began to greet visitors with a wagging stubby tail. When the time came, Anuk greeted his potential adopters as if he knew it was his big chance for a happy home. He flopped over for tummy rubs, gave wet slurpy kisses, and generally turned on the charm. His new mom and dad are in love with Anuk and he even accompanies his dad to work several days a week.


12-week-old rottie mix, Boss had a broken jaw, a horrific injury to his eye and a huge open wound on his forehead when he arrived at an open- admission shelter in need of a medical outlet.

Not an easy road to recovery, but Boss has powered through; today he is growing like a weed and enjoying life with his forever family.

Krissy Kringle

Krissy Kringle, a one-year-old Pittie Mix was homeless and at-risk of euthanasia at an open-admission shelter as the holiday season quickly approached. She was underweight and in need of medical care for severely untreated mange (not contagious to humans or other animals). Krissy Kringle was rescued and received the proper care she so desperately needed, and Santa gave her the best gift ever…a permanent home with a really cool mom, dad and brother!


Sampson, was six months old when he was left behind by his owners at a private veterinary clinic where they refused to treat him after testing positive for Parvo.

With a little time and treatment, Sampson fully recovered, and could not be happier than he is today with his new family and a big brother who shares his bed.

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