Lazin Animal Foundation

Here for the Underdog

The mission of Lazin Animal Foundation is to prevent the abuse, neglect, suffering and euthanasia of treatable and adoptable homeless dogs.

Every year, more than three million dogs find themselves homeless when they display problematic behaviors, or grow larger than expected, age or have health problems.

Pitbulls and many large breed dogs remain disproportionately represented in shelters and are particularly vulnerable to longer lengths of stay and unnecessary euthanasia.

Sick, injured, disabled and elderly dogs are also excessively found in shelters, waiting too long for a loving home or being unnecessarily euthanized.

1.5 million homeless dogs lose their lives every year.

The Lazin Animal Foundation is a private non-operating foundation, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our core objectives include:

  • To provide resources to significantly reduce the number of treatable homeless canines being euthanized

  • To boost attention to, and action for the population of homeless dogs experiencing the highest rates of euthanasia and/or the longest lengths of stay in a shelter

  • To promote efforts that can affect the quality of life of homeless dogs

  • To target long-term sustainable change for homeless dogs and the animal shelter and rescue organizations serving th

Our Impact on the Underdog

Underdogs adapt, evolve, overcome and persevere. They become (often unexpectedly) champions, friends, heroes and loyalists. Across the nation, Lazin Animal Foundation is developing partnerships and funding resources to save the lives of the underdogs. Together, we are providing medical care, quality of life improvements and enrichment, empathy and compassion; in most cases, we are their last chance. To read about some of the precious lives we have saved, click here.

Jelly Bean, was nine years old when she found herself as an underweight stray with multiple ulcerated tumors at an open-admission shelter. Jelly Bean has cancer known as Hemangiosarcoma, which is solar induced, meaning she likely lived her entire life outside. She is such a sweet and grateful girl who is now living the rest of her days to the fullest in her hospice home with a loving mom and pack of brothers and sisters. 

Caroline, a senior poodle mix found herself on the euthanasia list at an open-admission shelter due to being severely matted with an open tumor infected with maggots. With proper care, time and a lot of love, Caroline survived and is loving life in her new forever home.

It was an unseasonably hot spring when Sunny, a Pitbull with open sores and emaciated, was found tied to a fence outside a food bank. After a lengthy hospitalization and ongoing treatment for skin sensitivities, Sunny is a happy, healthy and grateful young gent who undoubtedly loves his new dad.