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Letter of Inquiry

A letter of inquiry (LOI) may be submitted for consideration for the Lazin Alive Grant Program or the Lazin Alive & Well Grant Program.

LAF welcomes LOIs year-round from eligible organizations seeking funds for work that fits within LAF’s mission and guidelines. Generally, we review unsolicited inquiries through the end of September. Inquiries submitted after September may be held for consideration until the following year.

Organizations may submit more than one LOI at any one time.

The LOI should be submitted electronically (click here). The LOI should describe the proposed work and use the questions below as guidance:

  1. Please provide a brief history of your organization, its mission, and the geographic areas and populations served.
  2. Please prove a brief description of the program or project for which you need help.
  3. How does the proposed work relate to the applicant organization’s mission? To LAF’s mission?
  4. What is the geographic scope of the proposed work?
  5. What is the total cost of the effort? What amount do you seek from LAF and for what period of time?
  6. What are the intended outcomes, and how will the work achieve them?
  7. Why is this work important to pursue at this time?
  8. What special qualifications does the organization bring to this effort?
  9. What other organizations are involved, if any? How will they contribute to the work?