Lazin Alive and Well Grant Program

These grants will be limited to projects that evidence a credible plan for providing funding for emergency medical care to organizations assisting pet (dog) owners and/or rescue organizations.

These grants will be limited to projects that evidence a need for funding to provide medical care to canines with urgent, emergent and/or complex medical needs.

Funding will be generally restricted to provide medical care for animals in danger of unnecessary relinquishment or euthanasia.

Funding for new program development and the expansion of existing programs will be limited to programs of clearly demonstrated effectiveness.

The recommended (not required) funding amount for this grant may include pilot projects for new grantees and/or programs not to exceed $25k over one year; and/or established organizations and projects not to exceed $50k in one year. Multi-year projects may be considered after the completion of a pilot project and are recommended not to exceed $150k over three years. The LAF Board of Directors may require pilot project funding for some new grantees and/or programs.

Once an LOI has been reviewed and approved, potential grantees will receive a link to access the Lazin Alive & Well Grant Program application for funding.