Lazin Animal Foundation Grantmaking

Lazin Animal Foundation provides grants to organizations that need assistance in their work of caring for and protecting animals, primarily canines, from unnecessary euthanasia or relinquishment. A special focus for LAF is on programs or projects that provide measurable outcomes related to increasing live release rates or promoting adoption that benefit shelter innovation, shelter medicine, sick or injured pets, veteran and rescue animal companionship, senior pets and the people who love them.

Grants will generally not be awarded for unrestricted general operating expenses; fundraising activities or events; umbrella funding organizations that intend to distribute funds at their own discretion; political lobbying or legislative activities; or to reduce debts. Grants may be rejected if any member of our Board of Directors shares any financial interest with any member or your organization.

When LAF considers a grant to an organization, 100% of the grant money must be used for the purpose stated in the application. Unless specified by LAF, no fees for overhead, asset management, fundraising costs or percentages to development personnel may be taken out of the grant money.

Incomplete and/or unsolicited grant applications may not be reviewed.

LAF evaluates prospective grantees that have submitted a complete grant application and makes grants throughout the year.

Electronic communication is required. This includes letters of inquiry and grant program applications. Click here to begin the communication process. Letters and grant applications that are mailed may not be reviewed.

To be considered for a grant from Lazin Animal Foundation, your organization must meet the following criteria.

Organizations must:

  • Be a U.S. based 501(c)3 not for profit organization, government entity, tribal nation, or university animal welfare organization focused on dogs and/or cats.
  • Provide a copy of your IRS Determination of Exempt Tax Status letter.
  • Provide interim financial statement for the current year (less than three months old).
  • Provide prior year financial statement.
  • For certain grant programs and if available, provide a copy of your most recent 990 tax return (nonprofits) or signed W-9 (government entities). Tribal nations may provide comparable documentation.
  • Share your annual animal statistics including your lifesaving percentage and the formula for how it was calculated.
  • If you have received funding from LAF in the past, be current on all grant reporting requirements.
  • Submit a completed grant program application specific to the grant for which you are applying.terry-frame

Grant recipients must agree to provide a report on how their grant funds were spent and the results of implementing their funded program. Depending on the grant, this may be requested in the form of a narrative report and/or financial and statistical information.

Grant recipients are asked to honor Terry Lazin, Founder of Lazin Animal Foundation, through their social media and donor recognition about this grant on their website, donor wall, annual report, newsletter or other promotional materials or marketing communications, as appropriate.

If you have questions about the application process, or your organization’s eligibility, please contact our foundation administrator at 1-800-839-1754 or