Dog’s Playing for Life

dpfl_logoDogs Playing for Life’s™ (DPFL) primary objective is to increase lifesaving across the nation’s animal shelters while dramatically improving the quality of life for shelter dogs and their caretakers through the implementation of daily play groups. DPFL’s innovative behavioral programming provides one of the industry’s largest safety nets for shelter dogs of all shapes, sizes and colors by focusing on scalable enrichment that meets the needs of the largest population of canines the most efficiently and effectively. Dogs live to play…we let them play to live!

Currently, DPFL receives restricted funds from Lazin Animal Foundation (LAF) to support the Lazin Alive Program Coordinator, a position dedicated to providing more systemized analysis of the implementation of DPFL programming and the timely identification of necessary follow-up support. This position will not only produce positive outcomes for more shelter dogs through play groups, overall it will increase the capacity and quality of services in order to ensure the sustainability of comprehensive enrichment programming designed to meet the needs of the dogs shelters serve.